Dewallens & partners


Dewallens & partners is a specialized law firm operating exclusively in healthcare. We combine knowledge in the dynamics of healthcare with state-of-the-art legal expertise. Our clients therefore can take position in healthcare faster and better than others in a context where network governance, shared health information and on-line caring communities have become inevitable. We stand out in three ways:

Smart lawyers…

Our lawyers have an outstanding academic track record. They have distinguished themselves on a scientific level and most of them are academically active in addition to their practice. They do both fundamental and applied research and they teach the various parts of health law at universities and business schools. We are convinced that the complexity of healthcare requires adaptive practised health law. We actively take part in building health law as a living organism. This is the first way we distinguish ourselves.

who are themselves part of health networks…

To offer a relevant service it is a strict necessity that our lawyers have true insight both into the strategic and the technological environment where they provide advice and legal assistance. That insight they have through their practical experience and by their involvement in governing bodies, professional associations, interest groups and in the government. This is the second way we distinguish ourselves.

and who know the essence of service.

We are, and you can take this quite literally, always available for our clients. Our commitment is embedded in our DNA. Our clients know that we keep neither office hours nor time-zones. If we are needed, we are really needed. Straight away and ad rem. We are very proud to distinguish ourselves this way as well.