Bristow’s specialist life sciences team is distinguished by its work at the cutting edge of EU and UK biomedical law. It’s a focus that gives our clients their own edge.

In addition to broad experience advising conventional pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, our team has internationally recognised expertise in the law of regenerative medicine, advanced therapies, embryo research, genomics, synthetic biology and borderline products.

The regulation of these areas is complex, contentious and in flux: intellectual property, ethics, clinical trials, good manufacturing practice, licensing and data protection are all evolving in the light of scientific developments, Our lawyers are routinely involved in these fast-changing areas from discovery and policymaking to the legislative process itself. Combined with our extensive experience advising on life science IP, regulatory and commercial matters, and our long-standing network of trusted experts from across the EU, this unique level of entrée equips the team to provide a particularly high level of life science expertise.

As important as keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, we respond to our clients’ individual perspectives and requirements – whether a start-up, an established biotechnology company or a large pharmaceutical firm.