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Erik interviewed for Quality World on implants

Implanting Quality and rooting out riskFirst it was burst breast implants and then disintegrating hipimplants. After making headlines around the world, finger-pointing ensued, with both regulatory authorities and manufacturers coming under read more …

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Axon Seminar Cell-based Therapies

Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the titles:ATMPs by Eliane Schutte, SignifixLatest developments in biotech patents by Carine van den Brink, AxonCell-based therapies legal & regulatory by Alex Denoon, Lawford Davies Denoon and Erik V…


Axon seminar Cell-Based Therapies, Amsterdam, 18 April

I hope you won’t mind me doing a little bit of marketing for the non-devices activities of my firm. Axon Lawyers organises a seminar on cell-based therapies on 18 April in Amsterdam, which will be very interesting for companies thinking about or already underway with such products in the EU as it will be specifically […]